Stable quality and excellent taste

Dan Dessert

Our company, specializing in the production of cakes and pastries, has more than 35 years of history.

We have high quality confectioners with great experience. The entire range of Dan Desert confectionery products is produced by the original technology developed by our specialists.

The unique recipes for all of our products are made by classic traditions of world famous confectioners, as well as new trends in contemporary technology and confectionery art.

Due to these, the production of Dan Dessert is distinguished by elegant taste and great design.


For Celebration

Strict selection of raw materials and quality control make our products tasty and useful. Our products are distinguished by their exquisite taste and unique design.
Dan Dessert

Why choose us?

Are you looking for affordable and tasty cakes at the same time? This is perfect selection for you! Do not hesitate to order the cakes matching your celebrations!

Brand shop in Yerevan


Point of sale in the entire territory of RA


More than 35 years of experience


More than 50 cakes and pastries

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