Historical Overview

The factory was founded in 1987 by Danileyans family, as a “HAKHS” production. In 1998 wasvRenamed as “Sevan-7” LLC, and later in 2003, “Dan Dessert” LLC. Initially, the company specializes in confectionery production, improving the products over time.

The cookies of Dan Desert are being created exclusively by high-tech technologists who rely on both their own experience and international trends. The company’s technologists have regularly participate in seminars in European countries (Austria, Germany), bringing new ideas and skills of confectionery.

Dan Dessert

Good reputation, unique taste, high quality, compliance with food safety standards, constant monitoring of storage time and reasonable prices

Why Choose us

The products of Dan Dessert have always been outstanding by their unique taste, which is due by the use of authoritative technologies and ingredients for the production of various creams. Cakes and pastries are also known because of their unique shape and design, which makes your holiday even more beautiful.

 Our company employs skilled confectioners with great experience.
 The team members are not satisfied with the acquired and constantly update and develop their knowledge, striving for perfection.
 There is always a good atmosphere in the work process, which directly affects the high quality of the product.
 The team is equipped with the latest equipment and supplies for food production.